ancestry of Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs)


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generation 1 (22):


1.                Herbaren (Jansz.) van Arkel alias Slingeland [Herberen],[1]lord of Molenaarsgraaf and Bleskensgraaf, 5-6-1307 pledged with the Grote Waard near Slingeland by his brother, as well as with 40 'hectare' land near Reinerscoep and 13.5 'hectare' in the land of Arkel, mentioned 1307-1323, knight, possessed land near Driel in the Bommelerwaard, as well as Ketteldonc near Altena, received Slingeland as a gift of his father, although this is nowhere mentioned, died 1325/1326, married (?) Elisabeth, mentioned in 1317, married circa 1300, Odelia (Allardsdr.) van Cuijk


generation 2 (23):


2.                Jan II, lord of Arkel 1272, succeeded his father 1272, 'knape' until 1277, knight  1281, participated in the battle of Woeringen 5-6-1288 in the army of Brabant, lent money to count Floris V of Holland 1291, lord of Gorinchem, built a new fortress ('burcht') to the east of Gorinchem and dedicated that to count Floris V of Holland, signed a letter from the nobility of Holland to king Edward of England, supported Jan of Avesnes, pillaged Enkhuizen after the battle against the West-Frisians, mentioned 1269-1297, died 27-3-1297 Vronen near Alkmaar in battle, married:

3.                NN[2]


generation 3 (24):


4.                Jan I (VIII) de Sterke [Johan], lord of Arkel, Gorinchem, the Vijfherenlanden and possessions in the Alblasserwaard [Asperen and Heukelum], born circa 1233 Arkel, mentioned 1253-1264, pledged a relative of his with land near Slingeland 1263, was so strong that he while riding on horseback lifted up the entire horse grasping a wooden roof support above his head, died between 1270 and 1272 [15-5-1272?] Arkel, buried Gorinchem, married:

5.?                Bertha van Ochten [Bartha; Van Oghten], from a Betuwe family, born circa 1230, mentioned 1272-1281, died between 1281 and 1305, buried Gorinchem, married (2) between 1272 and 1280 Johan Wolfft [Jan], knight[3], died after 1281

5.                Yda van Andel[1]


generation 4 (25):


8.                Herbaren II van der Leede [Herbertus, Harbertus; De Leide, De Leda, De Ledhe, Van der Lede], ancestor of the house Van Arkel, born circa 1201 Langerak, knight 1227, fought 1227 in the battle on the Ane, where he fought with Otto II, the bishop of Utrecht, to the viscount of Coevorden, lord 1241, mentioned 1243, his coat of arms was twee beurtelings gekanteelde dwarsbalken van keel (rood) op een zilver veld, died between 1250 and 3-1253, married:[4]

9.?              Aleid / Alveradis van Heusden [Aleida, Adelheid],[5] born circa 1205 Heusden [non Arkel], married (1) Dirck Drossaard, lord of Brederode

10.              Ricold I van Ochten [Riculf, Ricoud], born circa 1190 Ochten [1210?], nobilis, mentioned 1190-1260, married circa 1225:

11.              Marina (van Bentheim?), born circa 1190[6], 1242-1252 mentioned as mother of Hendrick van Ochten, died after 13-5-1252

11.              Jutta NN


generation 5 (26):


16.              Floris van der Leede (van Asperen) [Florentius; Van der Lede, De Leda], born 1175 Langerak, knight 1204, possessed the fortification of Asperen, count William I of Holland marched against him and Folpert van Asperen 1206 and sacked Asperen, subscribed to a letter countess Aleid of Holland submitted to king John of England 1207, died after 1207

17.?            a daughter of Hugo Botter, lord of Schoonhoven, she was born circa 1179 Schoonhoven

18.              Boudewijn or Jan of Heusden, lord of Heusden, born circa 1179 Heusden, married:

19.              Aleijdis (Persijn) [Aleid], born circa 1183

22.              Otto IV of Holland, count of Bentheim 1150, in succession of his grandfather Otto II, born circa 1135, mentioned 1166-1208, viscount of Coevorden 1187, participated in the Third Crusade 1189, abides in the court of the German Emperor at Mainz 23 to 27-5-1182, had to give up Coevorden and Drenthe in 1196, died circa 1208, married prior to 1172:

23.              Alveradis of Cuyk-Arnsberg, heir of Malsen, born circa 1150, died after 1205


generation 6 (27):


32.              Herbaren I van der Leede [Harbernus; Van der Lede, De Liethen], born circa 1145 (?) Langerak, witness for bishop Hardbertus of Utrecht 1143[7]

33.?            NN Willemsdr. of Altena

34.              Hugo Botter of Voorne, lord of Schoonhoven, born circa 1149 Schoonhoven

44.              = Dirk VI, count of Holland, married:

45.              = Sophia of Rheineck

46.              Godfried I of Kuijc, lord of Cuijk, count of Arnsberg by marriage, born circa 1100, died circa 1167, married circa 1140:

47.              Ida of Werl-Arnsberg, born circa 1110, died circa 1150


generation 7 (28):


64.?            Folpert, lord of Arkel, lord of Leerdam [Foppo, Folbert, Fop][8], married:

65.              NN

66.              Willem of Altena, married:

67.              NN

92.              Hendrik I of Kuijc, born circa 1070, lord of Cuijk 1096, viscount of Utrecht, died prior to 9-8-1108, married circa 1100:

93.              Alveradis of Hostaden, countess of Hochstaden, heir of the Waldgrafschaft Osning, involved in the foundation of the abbey Marienweerd 1129, born circa 1078, died circa 1131

94.              Frederik the Bellicose of Werl Arnsberg [Friedrich; 'De strijdbare'], count of Arnsberg, born circa 1070, died circa 1124, married circa 1100:

95.              Aleijdis of Limburg [Adelheid], born circa 1075, died 6-2-1146


generation 8 (29):


128.            Jan III [Johan], lord of Arkel, died 1112-1117 after returning from a crusade [1143?]

129.            Adelheid of Heusden [Aleida], born circa 1060

184.            Herman I of Kuijc and Malsen, born circa 1040, viscount of Utrecht 1061, presumably pledged with Cuijk by emperor Henry IV, mentioned 1057-1080, married circa 1070:

185.            Ida of Boulogne, born circa 1052, died 1106, presumably sister of half-sister of Geoffrey of Bouillon

186.            Gerhard I of Hostaden, lord of Wickenrode, superintendent of Prum and Knechtstaden, founded the church in Hamborn, born circa 1056, mentioned 1094-1136, died 1137

187.            Wichtath Aleijdis of Wickenrode, born circa 1051

188.            Conrad of Werl, count of Werl, count of Arnsberg, born circa 1030, died circa 1092, married circa 1070:

189.            Mechtild of Northeim, born circa 1050, died circa 1092

190.            = Hendrik of Limburg, married:

191.            = Adelheid of Botenstein



generation 9 (30):


256.            Jan II, lord of Arkel, born 1010, founded the church in Speijk, died 1077 IJsselmonde

257.            Margaretha of Altena

258.            Jan II, eighth lord of Heusden, born 1020, terrible disasters, famine and plague, struck the land during his rule, so bad that corpses were dug up and eaten,[9] died 1073

259.            Mechteld of Steenvoort [Machteld, Machtildis; Margriet; Steenvoorden], born 1020

368.            Unruoch, born circa 1010, count in the Kempengouw, mentioned 1047-1073, married:

369.            NN Hermansdr., born circa 1014

370.            = Eustatius II of Boulogne

371.            = Ida of Nether-Lorraine

372.            Gerhard of Hostaden, born circa 1024, mentioned 1074-1096

376.            Bernhard of Werl, count of Werl, born circa 1000, died circa 1060

378.            = Otto I of Northeim

379.            = Richenza of Zwaben


generation 10 (31):


512.            Jan I, lord of Arkel, born circa 990, died 1034 Syria,[10] married:

513.            Elisabeth of Cuijk [Cuyck], born circa 990

516.            Boudewijn II [Baldwin], seventh lord of Heusden, born 980, died 1028

517.            Aleida of Gennip [Aleidis; Gennep], born 980

518.            lord of Steenvoort

736.            Godezo, count of Teisterbant, born circa 980, died circa 1018 in the battle near the Merwede, married circa 1010:

737.            Bave Bertha, born circa 984

738.            Herman, count in Isla and Lake [Eiteren], born circa 982

744.            NN of Hostaden, born circa 992

752.            Hermann of Werl, lord of Werl, born circa 980, died circa 1024


generation 11 (32):


1024.         Foppe [Foppo], lord of Arkel and Heukelom, born circa 970 Arkel, died 1008 Arkel, married:

1025.         Maria of Oyen [Oijen], a lordly domain in the Betuwe, born circa 970

1026.         Willem, count of Cuyck, born circa 960, married:

1027.         NN

1032.         Robrecht III, sixth lord of Heusden [Robbert, Robbrecht], born 940, died 972

1033.         Gertrudis of Sponheim [Spanheym, Sparnehim, Sparegem], born 940

1034.         NN, lord of Gennep, born circa 940, married:

1035.         NN

1472.         Unroch [Unruoch, Hunerik], count in Teisterbant 981-1010, born circa 950, died prior to 1026

1504.         Hermann of Werl, count of Werl, born circa 965, died circa 985, the oldest known ancestor of the house Lippe, married circa 980:

1505.         = Gerberga of Burgundy [Gepa], born circa 965, died 7-7-1020, married (1) Hermann II of Wetterau


generation 12 (33):


2048.         Heijman [Heiman], lord of Arkel, born circa 940, flourished 960, presumably moved from Hungaria to the court of the emperor, served emperor Otto the Great, whose wife Silla he kidnapped without having informed her father, brought to Holland and married, by the same emperor installed as landlord ('landvoogd') of Frisia, which is Holland, court master ('hofmeester') under count Derrick II of Holland, who pledged him with Arkel, died 980, married:

2049.         Gella Tielman [Silla], born circa 940

2064.         Jan I, fifth lord of Heusden, born 920, died 956, married:

2065.         Margaretha of Loon [Margarita]

2066.         count of Sponheim

2944.         Eberhard of Drenthe, count in Drenthe and Salland, mentioned 940-960, born circa 898, died prior to 964, married:

2945.         Amalrada of Hamaland, born circa 924


generation 13 (34):


4096.         Fop (of Arkel), participated in the battle of Louis IV, king of France, with Roman emperor Henry  the Fowler, buried in the church in Lorraine

4098.         Tielman [Tielaman], landlord ('landvoogd') of East-Friesland for the emperor, married:

4099.         NN

4128.         Edmund, fourth lord of Heusden, died 914/929, married:

4129.         Hildegardis of Seijn

5888.         Everhard Saxo, count in the Betuwe, born circa 847, died circa 898, murdered by Waldger, son of Gerulf


generation 14 (35):


8192.         Heijman (of Arkel), knight, courtier ('hoveling') of emperor Louis, then chamberlain of the duke of Lorraine, died 915, buried Munderscheid

8193.         Helena of France (des Heerendochter uit Frankrijk)

8256.         Robbert II [Robrecht], third lord of Heusden, received much money and many presents from England,[11] died 914, married:

8257.         Adelheid of Zutphen

11776.       Meginhard, born circa 815, married:

11777.       Evesa, born circa 821


generation 15 (36):


16384.       Jan (of Arkel), died 856, buried Ingelhem on the Rhine, appointed as civil superintendent ('burgvoogd') against Westfalen by Charlemagne 798

16512.       Boudewijn I, second lord of Heusden, rebuilt the fortress in 857, was in the army of the English king and got to know his wife there, whom he - being refused to marry her – abducted and with whom he then wandered through Brabant, when servants of the king found her spinning on a red spinning wheel it was determined that Heusden's coat of arms was to be a red wheel,[12] died 870, married:

16513.       Sophia Edmundsdr. of England [Elderiksdr.?], died 890


generation 16 (37):


32768.       Heijman (of Arkel), supposedly the son of the first lord of Egmond, served Pippin and later Charlemagne, kings of France, in the wars, defeated 783 at the river Elbe, married:

32769.       Tekla Wollebrand

33024.       Robbrecht I [Robbert, Robrecht], first lord of Heusden, 802 pledged with Heusden by his father, built a fortress there, which was destroyed by the Vikings in 839, fled in 839 and returned when the Vikings had retracted, died 857, married:

33025.       Ada (Hendriksdr.) of Cuyk [Kuik]

33026.       Edmund the Martyr, king of East Anglia 855-870, king of England, born circa 780? Nuremburg, Germany, died 870 England, as a martyr, buried St. Edmunds, beheaded, married:

33027.       NN


generation 17 (38):


65536.       Jan (of Arkel), Dewelke te Pierrepont een vaste burcht makende door toedoen van Brancion, een broeder van de Heer van Baar terneder gesmeten werd, waarover hij toornig zijnde hem om het leven brengt en also dezen was van het Maagschap van Diderik III, Koning van Frankrijk, vluchten moest, hij door de raad van zijn vrienden met zijn vrouw Elsebein naar het onbewoonde land van Arkel, en doet in het jaar 694 hermaken de kerk die in 697 ingewijd werd van bisschop Sigibert, medebroeder van Willibrord. Dewelke in het jaar 641 en 642, ten dienste van Koning Dagobert, Koning der Fransen, zoon van Lotharis, onder het beleid van Pepijn van Herstal, Hertog van Brabant in de Nederlanden gekomen zijnde, de Friezen heeft overwonnen, married:

65537.       NN

65538.       Wollebrand

66048.       Robbrecht [Robert, Robbert], count of Teisterbant and Cleves, brother of Arnulf of Flanders and Louis, 8th count of Cleves, married:

66049.       Cunigunde, countess of Huy [Cunegondia, Cunigunda, Kunigonde; of Hoya]

66050.       Hendrik, lord of Cuyk

66052.       Elmund of Kent [Eahlmund], born 750 Kent, England, king of Kent 784, died circa 802 England


generation 18 (39):


131072.     Heijman (of Arkel), died Pierrepont, married:

131073.     NN

132096.     Baldwin, seventh count of Cleves, Teisterbant, and the allodium of Brugues, born circa 885, married:

132097.     Odalinde of Carinthia [Jolente, Yolanthe], of Carolingian extraction

132098.     Ansfrid the Elder, count of Huy, born circa 897, married:

132099.     Bilitrude of Enger [Bia], born circa 903

132096.     Robert, count of Teisterbant and Cleves in 801, died 806, married:

132097.     Mechtild of Lorraine

132104.     = Offa / Eofa of Wessex


generation 19 (40):


264192.     Robert, 6th count of Cleves and Lomme, born circa 860, married circa 882:

264192.     = John of Teisterbant, as below

264193.     Judith of Friulia, born circa 869

264194.     Arnulf of Carinthia, married 892:

264195.     Oda of Hessen, born 878

264196.     Witbert II of Huy, born circa 875, married 896:

264197.     Adeltrude of Cleves and Lomme, born circa 883


generation 20 (41):


528384.     Baldwin of Cleves and Lomme, also of Flanders,[1] born circa 834, married (2) circa 863, Judith of France, born circa 845, daughter of Charles the Bald, who opposed the marriage, widow of Æthelwulf of the Anglo-Saxons, married (1) circa 859:

528385.     NN, born circa 845

528385.     Hildegarde of Provence and Geneva

528386.     Unroch of Friuli, born circa 840

528390.     Conrad of Hessen, born 854, stepbrother of Witbert I of Huy

528392.     Witbert I of Huy [Wigbert, Wido, Guibert, Guido, Guy], born 851, married circa 874:

529393.     NN

                   Issue from this marriage: (1) Witbert II, as above; (2) NN of Gelre, born circa 877, married circa 901, Gerberga of Hamaland, born circa 888; (3) Wichard

529394.     = Robert, born 860

529395.     = Judith of Friulia


generation 21 (42):


1056768.     John, fifth count of Cleves and Teisterbant, died 801, married:

1056769.     Constantia Michaelsdr. Paleologus

1056770.   Robert le Fort, born circa 820

1056770.     Louis, count of Provence-en-Geneve, married:

1056771.     NN

1056768.  Bivin [Buvinus, Bouvain, Boudewijn, Balduin, Baldwin], born circa 805 Metz, brother of Richard Ostiarius of the Lomme, born circa 807, married circa 827:

1056769.   Richardis of the land of Cleve, born circa 814, sister of Boso II of the land of Cleve of Arles, born circa 816

1056780.   Otto of the Lahngau, married:

1056781.   = Rotrudis , married (1) Lambert II of Nantes

1056784.   Lambert II of Nantes, married 850:

1056785.   Rotrudis, married (2) Otto of the Lahngau, above

1056786.   Ansfried of the Niers


generation 22 (43):


2113536.     Ludolph [Louis, Lodewijk], fourth count of Cleves and Teisterbant 770, died 790, married:

2113537.     Adelheide of Aquitaine [Adelheid], sister of Siegbert, duke of Aquitaine

2113538.     Michael I Rhangabé Curopalates, emperor of Byzantium 811-813

2113536.   Richard of Amiens, born circa 780

2113538.   Boso I of the land of Cleve, born circa 792, married:

2113539.   NN

2113570.   = Lotharius I of the Franks


generation 23 (44):


4227072.   Reinold [Reynold, Rainald], third count of Cleves and Teisterbant 759, died 770, married:[13]

4227073.   Isabella of Hainault, countess of Ardennes-Walde and Limburg

4227074.   Siegebert, count of Aquitaine, married:

4227075.   NN


generation 24 (45):


8454144.   Diederik II [Theodoric; I], second count of Cleves and Teisterbant, died 759, was, according to married:

8454145.   Ida, countess of Hainault, sister of 264193

8454146.   count of Hainault


generation 25 (46):


16908288.   Helias, first count of Cleves [Elyas, Elius; Graius], married:

16908289.   Beatrix, heiress of Cleves and Teisterbant, died 735


generation 26 (47):


33816576.   Theodosio I of Cleves,

33816578.   Theodoric I Ursinus [Diederik, Derrick the Bear], lord or count of Cleves and Teisterbant, flourished 711, married:

33816579.   Beatrix [Baarte], heiress of Teisterbant


generation 27 (48):


67633158.Walterus [Walter], count of Teisterbant in the duchy of Guelders, died 724, married:



generation 28 (49):



generation 29 (50):


[1] Hendrik van Slingeland Barthoutsz., Genealogia nobilissimae ac vetustissimae Familiae de Slingelandt, circa 1750 wrote: Jonkvrouw Elisabeth van Slingelandt (dogter van Heer Herbaren van Arckel Heer van Slingelandt etc: en van Vrouw Odilia Baronnesse [!] van Cuijk) trouwde Heer Jan van der Tijmpel. Ridder en schildknaap. Scheepen der Stadt Dordrecht 1377 en werdt in de Registers van de voorsch: Stadt ook vermelt geweest te zijn Burgemeester … De descendenten van de voorsch: Heer Jan van der Tijmpel hebben de Naam van Slingelandt aangenomen, en het waapen van Van der Tijmpel met dat van Slingelandt gecartileert. Sigmond 2001 deems this document unreliable, in spite of the list of three children procured from this marriage, including a Herbaren van Slingeland as brother of Elisabeth, and proposes that Elisabeth's father was Jan van Slingeland, alderman of Gorinchem between 1301 and 1315, possibly son or bastard son of Otto, lord of Slingeland 1263-1277, knight  1277, relative (cognatus) of John, lord of Arkel, pledged 1263 with Slinclandt, mentioned Easter 1277 when count Floris V puts eenen ommegank des dijcxs der Zytwynt between the water of the Lek and the Donk with rade en hulpe van den Edelen luyden ende onsen getrouwen Heeren, among whom this Otto [This family, possibly originating in the house of Arkel, used a coat of arms described as: in een zwart veld twee beurtelings gekanteelde dwarsbalken van zilver; helmteken: een uitkomende zwaan van zilver, met rode snavel en gespreide vleugels, the first known use of which, without colours or helmet sign, was made by Otto Jansz. van Slingeland, the supposed brother of Elisabeth van Slingeland, Sigmond: 523

[2]Bertrade van Sterkenborch is mentioned, but there is no proof.

[3] There is no valid reason to doubt the authenticity of this marriage. It is mentioned as far back as 1467-1472 and now attested in a manuscript dating from 1635, entitled Chronica des landts van Arkel ende der stede van Gorchüm, by Dirck Franckens Pauw or Pauli. We read: Hij hadde te wijve die edele vrouwe Berte, deze edelen grave dochter van Oechten, die grave was van der Betu.

[4] According to another tradition, Jan van Arkel, who married Bertha van Ochten, was the son of Jan van Arkel, son of Jan van Arkel, son of Jan van Arkel, son of Folpert van Arkel. This Folpert van Arkel is the same one as the one in the ancestry of Herbaren van der Lede.

[5]According to Waale 2000 this is no more than speculation.

[6]See the Karel de Grote website for a controversy about her ancestry.

[7]According to tradition, he was son of Folbert van Arkel, lord of Leerdam, son of Jan III van Arkel, died 1112/1117 after crusade, married Aleida van Heusden [Adelheid], born circa 1060, he being the son of Jan II van Arkel, born circa 1010, died 1077 IJsselmonde, and Margaretha van Altena, he being the son of Jan I van Arkel, died 1034, married Elisabeth van Cuijk, the son of Foppe van Arkel, died 1008, married Maria van Oyen, the son of Heiman, born circa 960, married Gella. Aleida van Heusden was daughter of Jan II van Heusden, born circa 1020, lord of Heusden, died circa 1073, married Mechteld or Margriet van Steenvoort, born circa 1020.

[8] This parentage is not proven from contemporaneous sources, but is more than likely to be correct. It is based on tradition, fits with what is known of the inheritance of land, and fits chronologically.

[10] Not during a crusade!

[1] Obituarium of the Sint Jan at 's-Hertogenbosch

[1] Aart Hopman, personal communication, 22nd. June 2004