ancestry of Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs)


last updated July 2003


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generation 1 (24):


1.                NN Coppaerdsdr.


generation 2 (25):


2.                Coppaerd Jans, born circa 1323, tenant of the count of Holland with 10 'morgen' in Maasland, mentioned 1348, 1365, 1366, married circa 1345:

3.                Ave


generation 3 (26):


4.                Jan Coppaerts (van Schipliede) (van Dorp) [Coppaerdsz.], born circa 1280, tenant of the count of Holland 1306-1350, 12-8-1322: Jan Coppaerdsz van Scipluijde tocht zijn echtgenote jonkvrouwe Sophie Boudijnsdochter van Naeldwijc,[1] pledged with 10 'morgen' land at Schipluiden and 10 'morgen' of the county of Maasland, resided Schipluiden 1323, died after 10-12-1350, married 1322 on the Thursday after Saint-Laurent:

5.                lady Sophie Boudijns van Naeldwijc [Boudewijnsdr.; Van Naeldwijck], born circa 1290, died after 1333

6.                Ghisekijn Uter Lijere, sheriff ('schout') of De Lier 1378, mentioned as owner in the so-called Jan Rissentzoon-mansion 1372, pledged with land to the South of the homestead of Elijas uter Lijere


generation 4 (27):


8.                Coppaert, born circa 1240, treasurer ('rentmeester') of Holland 1277, 1281-1284, resided in the area between Schipluiden and Ruijven, died after 1284, married circa 1270

10.              Boudijn of Naeldwijck, born circa 1250, mentioned 1296

12.              Ghisekijn Jansz. Uterlier, mentioned 1316, 1322, 1330, made a journey to Antwerp 1322, married:

13.              Katharina Jansdr., died after 30-4-1337


generation 5 (28):


20.              Hugues II of Naeldwijc, possessor of the 'ambacht' Velzen and heir-marshal ('erfmaarschalk') of Holland, born circa 1215 Zwartewaal (?), sold the 'heerlijkheid' Velzen and Zwartewaal between 1248 and 1263 and settled definitively in Naaldwijk, pledged by his cousin or nephew Henry, lord of Voorne, with Huntsele and the goods in Monster, De Lier, Maasland, and the chapel of Wateringen 1257, which he bought from his heirs for 800 pounds Holland 1261, died after 1263

24.              Jan Ghisekijnsz., 'pachter' of the 'graafte' Dijkshoorn, died after 30-4-1337

26.?            Jan van den Dorp, 'ambachtsheer' of Dorp


generation 6 (29):


40.             Hugues I, lord of Naeldwijck (of Voorne), born circa 1195, knight 1220-1261, heir-marshall ('erfmaarschalk') of North-Holland, possessed property at Naaldwijk and Zwartewaal, mentioned 1220 on occasion of the transport of property at Dirksland, mentioned as witness 1223, 1225, 1226, 1229, 1230, died after 1263, married circa 1210:

41.              NN, heiress of Velzen and the forest of Schoonhoven near Velzen

48.              Ghisekijn Ver Grietensz., alderman of Delft 1302, died prior to 1320, buried Delft, Old Church

52.?            Aernout van Dorp, knight, member of the German House, died prior to 12-5-1294


generation 7 (30):


80.              Bartholomew of Voorne (of Maerlant) (of Naeldwijck), disposed of his fishing rights of Gescenmunde with his brothers Hugues and Thierry of Voorne 1199 because of their sins, 1203, born circa 1170 Voorne, pledged with property in Naaldwijk by his brother Henry, resided at the homestead ('hofstede') at Zwartewaal, received property in Maasland, Zwartewaal, and West-Voorne

96.              Elijas Uter Lijere, tenant of the County ('Grafelijkheid') and tenant of Teijlingen, mentioned 1282, 1284, married:

97.              Griete

104.?          Jan van den Dorpe, 'ambachtsheer' of St. Maertensrecht, tenant of the County ('Grafelijkheid') and tenant of Teijlingen, mentioned 1269-1283


generation 8 (31):


160.            Thierry, lord of Voorne 1174-1189, knight, born circa 1135, mentioned 1156, 1174-1189, witness 3-10-1174, possible builder of the fortress near Oostvoorne, had as a coat of arms a golden facing ('aanziende') lion on red, succeeded his brother Floris as lord of Voorne, married:

161.            lady NN, heiress of Naeldwijc

160.            Floris, lord of Voorne 1156-1174

192.            Ghisekijn Uter Lijere, tenant of Wassenaar, mentioned 1226, 1233


generation 9 (32):


320.            Hugues III, lord of Voorne 1108, born circa 1100 or 1108 Calloo, nobleman, free man ('vrijman') 1108[2], related by blood to the counts of Holland and Zeeland, died prior to 1156, married circa 1125 or 1130:

321.            NN Florijsdaughter of Holland, extramarital birth circa 1115, perhaps identical with Adewij of Vorensis, mentioned 1157, buried 11-10-11??

322.            Unarch of Nadelwick, count, mentioned 1156


generation 10 (33):


640.            Hugues II, lord of Voorne, mentioned 1108

642.            = Floris II the Fat of Holland

[1] Ons Voorgeslacht, 1973: 110

[2] genealogy of Voorne, Nederlandsche Leeuw, 1928