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contributions to the Thunderbolts Picture of The Day

These short and lighthearted essays were written for the Thunderbolts website between 2004 and 2016 ( Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs). Naturally, my views evolved through this period, so that I no longer support every claim made in them.

To stave off confusion, I am in the catastrophist camp but do not endorse the Saturn theory. The physics proposed in the 'electric universe' theory are outside my expertise. There is common ground with these movements outside mainstream thought, but I am not postulating new physics or planets on radically different orbits.

These essays appeared online without bibliographic references. I would like to bundle them into a book, complete with these references and an index. This will require some modest funding. Please contact me if this sounds like something you would like to support.

Smoke without Fire, Part I and Part II
Plasmoids on the 100th Anniversary of Winston H. Bostick's Birth (with Bob Johnson)
Current Models of the Sun - A Charged Subject, Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V
Food for Thought
Reaching for the Moon
Tunnel Vision
Planetary Windows into the Past?
On the Ball - A History of Terrella Research, Part I and Part II
Walking on Easter Eggs
Global Warming in the Ice Age
Never the Twain Shall Meet
Thereby Hangs a Tail
Wizards and Sourcerers
Lost for Words, Part I and Part II
Cross with the Sun
Plasma in the Ice Age
Descartes' Circular Reasoning
Burning Questions
Currents of Thought
The Worldwide Web - A Common Thread
Muddy Memories?
Rock Science
Clear as Day
Good as Gold
Bolts out of Thin Air
Blasts of the Past, Part I and Part II
Touching Ground
The Sun Man
Theories on the Rocks - In a Flash, Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV
On the Shoulders of Suppressed Giants, Part I and Part II
Caught in the Crossfire
The Sun and its Spoilspot
Suspending Disbelief
Catastrophism in the Humanities - A Low-Down, Part I and Part II
The Very Stones Cry Out
The Plasma of Bloodlines
Traditions of Science
Headed for the Sky
As Below, So Above
Mountains of Evidence
Seeing Things - In the Sky, Part I and Part II
Painted into a Corner?
Shots in the Dark, Part I and Part II
Mythology at Stake
Polar Wondering
Going Round the Sun in Circles
O Christmas Tree! Thy Candles Shine so Brightly!
De-Tailing Comets
The Eggs of the Thunder Bird
Draconian Landscaping
Light my Fire
Bad to the Bones
No Sweeping Claims, Please, Part I and Part II
Go Figure!
Does it Matter?
Elementary Knowledge
The Sunbeam of Yore
The Voice of the Peoples
What on Earth ...?
More than Meets the Eye
Siriusly Red
The Unwavering Truth about the Zodiacal Light
The First 'People' in Space
Riders of the Night
Divining the Meaning of the Aurora
Celestial Bodies on their Guard
Joining the Dots, Part II: The Dating Scene in the Sky
Joining the Dots, Part I: Fireworks on New Year's Day
An Aristotelian Hangover
Space Tornadoes Cause a Stir
The Coming of the Sky Dancers
Velikovskian Chaff and Wheat: Venus
Closing Gaps - in our Knowledge
Do Chinese Whispers Affect Myths?
Dragons - All Between the Ears?
Is Lightning the Strongest Creative Force?
Bringing in the May
A Potted View on Ancient Geometric Imagery
The Spirit of Mythology, Part I and Part II
Gods in the Flesh, Part I and Part II
The Circular Ocean - A Round-Up
Myths as Metaphors
Venus' Tail of the Unexpected
A String Theory for the Sun
But What About Jung?
Peopling the Mythical Landscape
The 'Amber' Beads of Phaethon
Bearing the Unbearable
Ossified Dragon Theories
Stacked Ancestors
The Worship of Lightning
The Hole at the Pole
The Ladder to Heaven
The Nature of Nature Gods
In the Coils of the Serpent
The Wayward Sun
The Lightning Wheel in Ancient Times
The Vortical Tree
The Nine Steps to Heaven
The Mountain of the Gods
The Feathered Serpent
The Winged Disk
The Flood from Heaven
The Dragon and the Pearl
The Bifurcated Mountain
Elusive Female Figurines
The Pedestal of the Sun
The Navel Stone